Günaydın started out as a small butcher’s shop in Bostancı Istanbul and whilst stating its slogan “MEAT IS OUR SPECIALITY”, has come to where it is today by never compromising on high quality and taste. Today, Günaydın is one of Turkey’s giants in the restaurant sector, boasting more than 51 branches each established with equity capital, 1 central logistics division and 1 central warehouse. Günaydın also provides a service to the restaurant sector in the production and sale of raw meats.


Following developments in the retail sector in recent years closely, the brand carries out its restaurant business in areas of especially high circulation such as shopping centres and high-traffic streets. Günaydın, the leader of innovation and diversity in this sector since its establishment, provides its guests 3 different concepts. The Meatball & Döner; the Kebab and the Butcher & Steakhouse concepts aim to ensure that guests are provided a wide variety of meat selections as well as a cosy atmosphere. As a result of its dedication to high quality in its products and services, the brand has been in the top 3 of the top 10 restaurant selections every year.